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于哲Depth Estimation and Focus Recovery
于哲The Mobile Multi-hop Solution in Ad hoc Networks
俊德Segmentation-based image compression
保言An introduction to wavelet transform
保言Basic Image Compression Concepts and MPEG Standard
保言The Fractional Fourier Transform and Its Applications
偉崙An Introduction to Pattern Recognition
哲銘Depth Estimation and Focus Recovery
哲銘DNA Sequence Alignment
哲銘Edge Detection
國銓FrFT and Time-Frequency Distribution_修正版
康華induction to wavelet transform and image compression
康華Speed Up DNA Sequence Database Search and Alignment by Methods of DSP
政錦A Briefly Introduction of Region-Based Image Segmentation
政錦Color and Color Space
文琦An introuction to integer transform
文琦Depth Estimation and Focus Recovery
文琦The Fractional Fourier Transform and Its Applications
文阜FIR_and_IIR Filter_Design
文阜Object Recognition
文阜Time-Frequency Analysis and Hilbert Huang Transform
昱翔Biological Sequence Comparison and Alignment
泊泓TFA Oral
科傑An Introduction to Discrete Wavelet Transforms
科傑Image-based pattern recognition principles
維毅An Introduction to Image Compression
維毅Deblocking Algorithms in Video and Image Compression Coding
維毅Digital Video Compression Fundamentals and Standards
自恆Improved shape adaptive image compression by morphological segmentation

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