Ta Hsien’s Graduate Life Projects demostration.



    這裡是實驗室的空間,利用這個地方建立過去我做過的 projects 選一些較有趣的來DEMO在此,有趣的如下




    語音的分析介紹。目前這是一個音樂計畫中的最前端處理的部份,用我們方法能夠讓音樂的切割達到很高的辨識度,簡單來說就是Onset detection中的 True positive problems.


3. Music IR.





   ~iLife in Taipei. ROC.~

   Living one year in Taipei for graduated life, something I learned appreciatively in digital image and Signal Processing (DISP) LAB are always helpful.  There are still knowledge I can’t understand now, and also I discovered and want to share with. Overall, the life I experienced became a period of remarkable memory in mine.

    Here, I put the data in LAB server, and utilize it to establish my web by <iWeb> to demo some interesting and meaningful projects I did, such as following.

Information Service:

    “Precisely, individuals diet recommendation,” this system recommend the foods species in diet  and suitable for everybody with different disease and habits. According to the user’s body health  index, we can find out and ensure what’s the best foods and its content for individuals and help them intake no more Vitamin pills.

Voice analysis:

    Voice analysis is one of the important research in our LAB, and my work is deal with the front-side of the “music recognition system”. We propose the new method to separate the music signal with its feature:”frequ. and strength.”  with very fast and precise way.


Music information retrievals.

Creative and meaningful works make me persevere to complete it.

Creative and meaningful works make me persevere to complete it.