Computing Skills

Programming: C , C++ , Java , PYTHON
Web Skills: HTML , JavaScript , JQuery , PHP
Data Processing: PYTHON , R
Backend Skills: Linux , SQL
Lab Research: Matlab

Language Skills

Native: Madarin Chinese
Excellent: English , Japanese
Little: French , Deutsch , Thai


1. C. Y. Wu and J. J. Ding, “Occlusion pattern-based dictionary for robust face recognition,” IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo, Seattle, USA, Jul. 2016
2. Introduction to sparsity and Statistical Machine Learning
3. C. Y. Wu and J. J. Ding, "Nonconvex Approach for Sparse and Low-Rank Constrained models with Dual Momentum," submitted to IEEE Signal Processing. [ Codes ]
4. C. Y. Wu and J. J. Ding, "Occluded Face Recognition Using Low-Rank Regression With Generalized Gradient Direction," submitted to Pattern Recognition, Elsevier. [ Codes ]

My works

1. Non-facebook : Final Project of Web Programming Summer Course 2015.A simple Webpage simulating real Facebook.Function including posting, uploading image, chatting messenge, liking.
2. HDR imaging : HW1 of VFX lectured by CYY 2016. The artifact

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