Computing Skills

Programming: C , C++ , Java , PYTHON
Web Skills: HTML , JavaScript , JQuery , PHP
Data Processing: PYTHON , R
Backend Skills: Linux , SQL
Lab Research: Matlab

Language Skills

Native: Madarin Chinese
Excellent: English , Japanese
Little: French , Deutsch , Thai


1. C. Y. Wu and J. J. Ding, “Occlusion pattern-based dictionary for robust face recognition,” IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo, Seattle, USA, Jul. 2016
2. Introduction to sparsity and Statistical Machine Learning

My works

1. Non-facebook : Final Project of Web Programming Summer Course 2015.A simple Webpage simulating real Facebook.Function including posting, uploading image, chatting messenge, liking.
2. HDR imaging : HW1 of VFX lectured by CYY 2016. The artifact

“A beer a day keeps the doctor away.”